Are You Seeing Laser Eye Surgery in a Negative Light?

By Eye Institute of Houston
January 15, 2018

LASIK Bellaire, TXLasers have been introduced into just about every area of medicine in recent years. Doctors rely on specific devices to smooth away wrinkles, to get rid of unwanted veins, and even to conduct delicate surgical procedures. That is the case with several eye surgeries. The development of lasers has made it much easier for eye doctors to correct vision and help patients live without much need for eyeglasses or contacts.

There is an interesting thing about laser eye surgery, though. On the one hand, patients may understand the value of vision correction for their quality of life. On the other hand, the very word “laser” can create all kinds of apprehension. Here, we want to clear a few things up.

Laser and the Perception of Heat

If you’ve watched a single sci-fi movie or television show, you have seen lasers portrayed as instruments of destruction. Wave a laser to deliver white-hot energy to destroy an enemy with heat. The use of hot laser energy can be beneficial, whether to destroy the sci-fi enemy or to destroy sun damage on the skin. Where we don’t want to use hot energy is on the delicate tissue of the eyes. This is why laser eye surgery is conducted with cold-laser instruments.

Eye Surgery and the Perception of Pain

We’re no different than you; we don’t like the idea of putting ourselves through unnecessary pain (or even pain that is necessary!). This perception of eye surgery being a painful endeavor is one that keeps too many people from addressing their frustration with eyeglasses and disruptions to their normal vision. It is often only after a person has undergone laser eye surgery that they understand that it is a painless process. Not only is cold-laser gentle on ocular structures, but eye surgeries are also performed using a local anesthetic. No, not the kind your dentists injects into your gums; the kind that is delivered in the form of painless eye drops.

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