What May Cause Eyelid Swelling

By Eye Institute of Houston
December 15, 2017

eye conditions Houston, TXSwollen eyes are something we’d like to avoid. Many of us notice this problem now and then if our night is spent tossing and turning, or simply staying up too late. A great book or movie that makes us cry could also lead to temporary fluid retention in the eyelids, causing them to appear swollen. These are normal conditions that are so common we know them and do not feel alarmed by them. What happens, though, if you wake up one day with a single eyelid swelling? Or to two swollen eyelids that don’t have a clear cause?

This could be the reason . . .  

We know that swelling indicates the accumulation of fluid within a tissue. Ok. But why? Potential causes for swollen eyes include:

  • If the swelling is caused by allergic reaction to something in the environment or something you have touched, you may also notice itching or redness. The good news about allergic reactions such as this is that symptoms should improve by taking an antihistamine. Usually, an over-the-counter product is sufficient.
  • You may have heard of Pink Eye, the term given to the infection called conjunctivitis. This infection occurs in the soft lining of the inside of one or both eyes. In addition to swelling, conjunctivitis is also likely to cause pain and excess tearing. Another type of infection in the eye is a stye, though this condition typically originates in a tear gland or one of the eyelash follicles. A stye looks different than conjunctivitis in presentation as a single bump. Antibiotic treatment is necessary to resolve the infection and improve comfort.
  • What? Yes, this is an eye condition, though one we don’t often hear about. A chalazion is similar to a stye in that it is a bump that could cause swelling. The difference is that this bump is not indicative of infection, but a blocked tear duct.
  • Swelling that occurs after some hit or trauma to the eye may coincide with bruising. A cold compress can be applied to minimize these symptoms. However, if the pain is severe or becomes worse, the eye should be evaluated by a medical doctor.

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