What to Expect Right After LASIK Surgery

By Eye Institute of Houston
March 15, 2020

You may have heard about LASIK surgery, the laser-assisted vision-correcting procedure that is known for quick transformations. LASIK first began being performed in the 1990s, so there is a lot of information available to those who are interested in reducing or eliminating their need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. We love seeing the excitement our patients feel when they arrive on procedure day, and the satisfaction they report within a day or two of their laser surgery. That being said, we think there is a little something that you should know about LASIK if you’re considering having it done.

A Lingering Misconception

There is a common perception that has gone on for years about LASIK. It is that patients’ vision is immediately crystal clear after the procedure is over. To be fair, we will say that most people who have LASIK can see across the room better after their surgery than they did before. This is one reason why patients themselves perpetuate this myth about perfectly clear vision right after LASIK. Another has to do with emotion.

Getting LASIK is a very exciting event. According to scientific studies, situations such as this cause us to remember how we felt more than the details of what occurred. For example, virtually any woman who has had a baby “forgets” the physical sensations of giving birth. What she remembers are the many feelings and emotions of the experience. This is exactly what happens after LASIK. Patients are so excited about getting better vision that, once they have it, they don’t remember how hazy their vision was right after their procedure.

Haziness After LASIK? Yes, It’s a Thing!

Every patient who undergoes LASIK experiences some degree of haziness after their procedure. This comes as a surprise to many of them, especially if they know someone who has undergone the procedure and didn’t warn them about this side effect. So, why is vision like this after laser vision correction? It comes down to water.

Have you ever swum under water with your eyes open? You might remember that your vision was hazy when you got above water again. The reason this happens is that the cornea absorbs water and can get water-logged. Well, a hefty amount of saline is used during LASIK surgery to keep the operative field clear and clean. Some of the saline that is used gets absorbed by the cornea. Hence, hazy vision.

Haziness is nothing to worry about after LASIK surgery. By bedtime, patients are thrilled that they can see so clearly without eyeglasses.

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