Got Bags? Let's Unpack them!

By Eye Institute of Houston
August 15, 2016

eye rejuvenationHere at the Eye Institute of Houston, we provide a full spectrum of services that help our patients enjoy clearer, healthier vision. We also understand the importance of the appearance of the eyes. Issues such as sagginess and bagging beneath the eyes can give the impression that you are tired, and this can affect how you interact with others in your social and professional life. Puffy under eye skin and fat is one of the most prominent cosmetic concerns shared by men and women of all ages. If you are concerned with the appearance of your eyes. Read on to see how we can help you set your under eye bags down for good.

What is the Problem, anyway?
There are several factors that may predispose a person to getting under eye bags. These include genetics, hormonal imbalance, and allergies. Just as much as these factors lead to puffiness, so can the simple effects of aging. You see, there are pads of fat beneath the eyes naturally. The development of bags doesn't indicate that fat cells have somehow made their way to the eyes, or that they have simply expanded due to too much pizza and beer, as happens around the midsection. Bags usually form, or become really noticeable, when age-related changes occur in the skin and connective tissues in the area.

Typically, fat pads are held in place nicely beneath a strong, resilient layer of connective tissue. Over this tissue is the uppermost layer of skin, which is also supported by connective tissue and by adequate amounts of elastin and collagen. At some point, almost every person's body stops producing as much of these substance as it once did. This means that the necessary amounts for supple, strong skin and connective tissue are no longer available. The result? Fraying and breakdown. When the tissues that lie over fat pads degrade, these cells push outward against the skin, becoming more visible.

Just say No
There is no reason to sit back and believe that under eye bags are a part of your aging process. You can say thanks, but no thanks. It takes very little time and only a small investment to fill the areas just beneath bags with dermal filler. The results from this treatment can last more than a year, refreshing your face and renewing your confidence every time you look in the mirror.

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