Winter Time is a Great Time to Wear those Sunglasses!

By Eye Institute of Houston
December 15, 2016

eye careJust because the hot summer sun has left us does not mean that your eyes can handle the glaring wintertime sunshine. Here, we offer some reasons to keep those sunglasses close, especially if you're planning a holiday trip to a snowy locale.

1.Even when the sun is farther from the earth, UV rays can still damage the eyes. Ultraviolet light causes damage to the corneas. In time, the damaged lenses could develop cataracts. Just because cataracts are commonly seen as an age-related condition does not mean that your eyes can go unprotected now. The better you care for your corneas and lenses, the lower your chance of cataracts and macular degeneration. Quality sunglasses that filter all different types of UV rays are best . . . They protect the delicate skin around the eyes, too.

2.The pupils do a lot of work to filter light. When there is more light, the pupils contract. In low light, they dilate, or get larger, to let in more light. Bright light is too much for the pupils to handle; they can only constrict so much. This is why we naturally squint in bright light. The more we squint, the more tension there is in the face and around the eyes, in particular. Wearing sunglasses reduces strain.

3.Glare is reduced by good, tinted lenses. This is especially important around ice, snow, and water. Without adequate protection from glare, there is a risk for sunburn. That's right! Your corneas can actually get burned by the sun! Experts suggest that polarized lenses are the best choice for outdoor activities in which glare can be expected.

4.Making sunglasses a regular part of your daily fashion can help you maintain your visual acuity for the long haul. When the retina is consistently exposed to glare, "bleaching" may occur, which has a negative effect on vision over time.

5.Sunglasses provide protection from debris, wind, and dust because lenses are a direct barrier between your eyes and the outside world. This can be especially valuable in dry climates like ours, and for those who wear contact lenses. The best protection comes from wraparound styles that fit close to the face.

Winter time is a great time to schedule your annual eye exam. Reach a friendly member of our staff at (713) 668-7337.

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