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By Eye Institute of Houston
June 15, 2017

comprehensive eye exam Bellaire, TX You’re starting to notice that you squint when you need to read the fine print, or that those street signs are much harder to read than they used to be. It’s time to get an eye exam. Who do you call? The eye doctor, of course! But what if you are experiencing other symptoms that you sense to have to do with general eye health rather than vision? You call the eye doctor, of course! Here’s the thing. There is an optometrist, who is an eye doctor; and then there is an ophthalmologist, who is an eye doctor? How do you know who to call for what? We’re about to explain.

A Matter of Training

To understand whom you want to choose to care for your eyes, it is necessary to know how the training differs for optometrists and ophthalmologists. Optometrist programs involve a four-year undergraduate program and an additional four-year post-graduate program. That’s a lot! To become an ophthalmologist, one must obtain the same four-year undergrad degree. Post-graduate education includes a four-year medical school program, and then a one- to three-year internship and residency program.

The additional training obtained by the ophthalmologist makes it possible for this eye doctor to:

  • Develop a management and treatment protocol for patients with health conditions such as diabetes.
  • Perform eye surgeries.
  • Perform diagnostic testing and treatment for complex ocular conditions and diseases.
  • Make use of a wider selection of medications and therapies for a variety of eye diseases.

In the typical scenario, a person would schedule general eye exams with an optometrist. This is the eye doctor that may be called when a minor eye problem such as dry eyes has developed, as well. At the Eye Institute of Houston, we have established a practice that offers a wide range of services so patients can obtain the care they need in one location from the same team of familiar faces.

Our staff offers assistance with general vision care including vision therapy, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. We also perform treatments such as LASIK and treat conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. We also offer pediatric ophthalmology services.

Get the eye care you need at Eye Institute of Houston. Call (713) 668-7337.

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