Driving After Laser Eye Surgery: We Answer Your Questions!

By Eye Institute of Houston
April 15, 2018

LASIK Bellaire, TXLaser technology is a valuable tool in the medical field. In the ophthalmology office, lasers are frequently used to perform surgical eye procedures more quickly and efficiently than standard surgical techniques. Procedures like PRK and LASIK have made it possible for many people to gain freedom from corrective lenses like contacts and eyeglasses.

What an exciting prospect to have the better vision all day, every day! On the flip side, we also realize that there may be a little hesitation to have any procedure performed on your eyes, even one as reputable as LASIK. We want to answer the questions that you may have about what to expect from a laser eye procedure. One of the most commonly asked questions is how laser eye surgery affects one’s ability to drive.  This is what we want to discuss here.

Planning for Surgery and Recovery

You may expect that your driving will be curtailed for a period after laser eye surgery. That is a correct assumption. In fact, one of the important aspects of planning for surgery is to have reliable transportation arranged before surgery day. You will be able to drive to the office that day, but someone needs to drive you home because your vision may be somewhat blurry immediately after your procedure.

Legally speaking, it is not acceptable to drive after eye surgery until you have been cleared to do so. Most cases of laser eye surgery are followed-up the very next day or within a few days of the procedure. After observing the progression of healing and evaluating your vision, your eye doctor will discuss when you can safely get behind the wheel. Usually, this is no longer than one week after surgery.

Something to Expect

Light distortions are a common side effect of eye procedures. For the first several weeks after laser eye surgery, glares and halos may appear around light sources such as streetlights or headlights. Night driving could be a challenge until these distortions decrease.

Are you considering laser eye surgery for long-term vision correction? Call the Eye Institute of Houston at (713) 668-7337 to explore your options.



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