Eye Exam

Back to School Time is a Great Time to Examine Children’s Vision

By Eye Institute of Houston
August 15, 2018

August is National Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. This provides us with the opportunity to discuss the value of routine eye exams for every child. In the same way that adults eye may not observe objects as clearly as possible, so can children’s eyes let them down. The routine eye exams that begin before ... read more

A Troubling Trend for Today’s Children

By Eye Institute of Houston
July 15, 2017

Vision correction is something that a large percentage of adults have simply come to expect. We believe that our eyes naturally change over time. This is a possibility, but that is another topic entirely. What we want to discuss today is the recent findings that children are facing new risks to their eyesight, and there ... read more

Eye Exams and Much, Much More

By Eye Institute of Houston
June 15, 2017

You’re starting to notice that you squint when you need to read the fine print, or that those street signs are much harder to read than they used to be. It’s time to get an eye exam. Who do you call? The eye doctor, of course! But what if you are experiencing other symptoms that ... read more

How Technological Advances Affect your Eyes

By Eye Institute of Houston
March 15, 2017

As society has continually advanced, we have been able to experience things we may have never imagined. Virtual reality is brought straight to our eyes thanks to technologically advanced software and 3D imaging. Many of us observed at least one 3D movie during our childhood. Maybe you can remember putting on those magical red and ... read more

Premature Aging Can Happen to your Eyes

By Eye Institute of Houston
June 15, 2016

Age is not something we can avoid. As we have become more aware of the aspects of the aging process in general, more adults have taken control of concerns such as premature aging of the skin. But aging also affects our eyes. In fact, research shows that there are certain habits that expedite the aging ... read more

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